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By signing above and submitting this Application, each owner, officer or guarantor listed above agree, individually and as the duly authorized representative of the business-applicant (i) that all information provided in this Application is true, correct and complete, (ii) that the property leased or any credit extended by Ascentium Capital LLC (“Ascentium”) will be used solely for business and commercial purposes and (iii) that Ascentium is authorized to email information about financing, promotions, and other offers to the email address listed above. The business-applicant and each owner, officer or guarantor listed above further authorize Ascentium or its successors, assigns or one or more alternate third-party funding providers to investigate its organizational and personal credit histories, including, but not limited to, obtaining a credit report from a credit reporting agency, from time to time and for any lawful purposes. Upon the request of an individual owner, officer or guarantor, Ascentium will advise the individual if Ascentium obtained a credit report and Ascentium will give the individual the credit bureau’s name and address. The businessapplicant and each owner, officer or guarantor listed above direct any creditor or financial institution having any information relating to the business or individual to release such information to Ascentium in connection with this Application. Please see our Privacy Policy, which is available at for a description of how Ascentium may use and disclose information we collect, as well as certain rights you may have with respect to your information that we collect. By signing this Application, the businessapplicant and each owner, officer or guarantor listed above direct Ascentium to disclose or otherwise transmit any and all information and documents that Ascentium may obtain, including, without limitation, business or personal credit reports, this Application and (if applicable) any “personal information” under, and as defined in, the California Consumer Privacy Act or under similar applicable laws (howsoever personal information or data may be defined thereunder), to other persons that are involved in or participate with Ascentium in providing commercial funding and the services related thereto (including, but not limited to, one or more alternate third-party funding providers, Ascentium’s funding sources, and its and their third-party service providers), in each case for the purposes of facilitating funding for the business-applicant, the on-going facilitation of any funded transaction and for any other purposes set forth in the Privacy Policy.