The K2 Mobile Laser contents:

Laser, Charging Station, Tips for various treatments, and User Manual.


FDA Registration Number # K200693
FDA CDHR Class IV Laser

Wavelength: 980nm

Max Continuous Power Output:
3.5W (CW)

Max Peak Power Output: 6.0W (Pulse)

Emission Modes:
CW/Pulse Mode

Coolpulse 1: 10Hz

Coolpulse 2:

Aiming Beam- Laser Diode:
635nm, Max 5mW


Approx. 205mm x 25mm x 30mm

Total Weight( Battery Included): 135g

Prioprietary Optic Fibers (up to 50 Uses per Fiber): 400μm & 300μm Available


Battery Charger:

Charges 4 Batteries at Once with Our Handy Stand for K2 Mobile Laser:
100-240V, 47-63hz

Battery (Lithium Ion): 3.7V 1900mAh

Size: Approx. 100-240V, 47-63Hz

Recharge Time: Approx. 3 Hours


Automation and Convenience:

Auto/ Manual Soft Touch emission button: Selectable

Pre-set Popular Clinical Programs: 22

User Defined Stored Memory Settings for Convenience: 4

Extendable, Blendable Head and Optic Fiber: Autoclavable

Built-in Fiber Cleaver: Magnetic

OLED Display Automatically Flips for Left or Right Handed Use: Gravity Sensor



K2 Mobile Laser Full Kit (Starter Kit): P05-101

General Purpose Optical Fiber Tip (400μm)- each Autoclavable : P05-201

Endo/ Hyg Optical Fiber Tip (300μm)- Each Autoclavable: P05-202

Aluminum Front Cap- Autoclavable: P05-203

Hygienic Front Silicone Cover/ Cushion- Autoclavable – Autoclavable: P05-204

3.7V Lithium-Ion Battery-1900mAh: P05-205

Laser Docking Stand w/Battery Charger (charges up to 4 batteries): P05-206*

Battery Charger Power Supply Cord (Required for Battery Charger): P05-207*

Laser Protection Goggle 980nm Rated: P05-208

Fiber Cleaver (Attactches to back of K2- Magnetic): P05-209

Fiber Jacket Stripper: P05-210

Optional Tooth Whitening Acceleration Tip: P05-211

Optional LLLT (Low Level Laser Pain/Healing Therapy) Spacer: P05-212

Optional Storage case-Holds Charger/Docking Stand and Spare Fibers and Accessories: P05-213

Optional K2 Laser 2-Yr Accidental Laser Damage Coverage*: P05-266