Rayscan CBCT machine


Innovation for Patient

RAYSCAN α+ introduces a new era in digital imaging with a new level of low-dose capability for patients’ safety.

Pioneer Elite Laser - dental cone beam ct scan
Aoralscan 3 - Dental imaging company Chicago

See where you focus
Light guided free FOV

Less is Better

Low Dose

Just scan the only area where you need. Minimize x-ray radiation dose.

Dental Chair - Dental Marketing Companies Chicago

Scan & view in less than 10 seconds

Fast scan mode

More detail, more confidence

Good Drs DDS Software - dental cone beam ct scan

Image reconstruction in 6 seconds

Superior image processing technology

Prexion Exploror - web design services chicago

Various options

One shot Ceph & Scanning ceph

Object scan, new feature for digital impression

Scan your model/impression and Convert the DICOM to STL

Good Drs sensor - imaging equipment
Shining 3D - Dental Marketing Companies Chicago
AMD Laser - Dental Marketing Companies Chicago

Rayguard Real-time IoT Service

24/7 monitoring
Real-time health check and Preventive alerts
Remote upgrade for the latest software and firmware

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