Eva Digital Intraoral Sensors


Eva Digital Intraoral Sensors

  • Durable CMOS technology provides superior images using only a fraction of the power required by other digital sensor technologies
  • Compatibility with your imaging software
  • Impact-resistant housing designed to protect in harsh environments
  • Fantastic resolution
  • Rounded corners and razor-thin for comfort
  • Standard USB interface

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Eva Select Digital Intraoral Sensors

The Eva Select digital intraoral sensor system is ideal for dental professionals who need high resolution intraoral images from a robust sensor that can withstand chaotic office environments and changing technology platforms.  It’s also perfect for those who want to optimize their workflow so that your staff runs like a well-oiled machine, no matter what software is used.

ImageWorks  has helped thousands of dental offices implement digital imaging solutions, and our products have been responsible for over half a billion dental x-rays.    Whether you are converting to digital sensors for the first time, or expanding your existing capabilities, our Eva Select digital sensor has had so much success because it delivers three things:  great images, great pricing, and no issues.

An Intraoral Sensor that delivers ROI

“Thank you for the excellent service and support with my EVA Select. I’ve been extremely happy. The tech support set up my new sensor system within a very short period of time for the computers in my office (It was my lunch hour). The price point is excellent and I would recommend this system to anyone who is looking for a good system at a reasonable cost.”

-Elliot Kessler DDS PC, New York, NY

Image Quality to Remove Uncertainty

With a pixel size of 19 microns, the Eva Select dramatically improves clarity with it’s high precision CMOS technology.   Furthermore, significant visibility can be gained (or lost) based on the level of expertise in optimizing X-ray exposure parameters and software filters.  The team at

ImageWorks has decades of experience helping dental professionals optimize their images.  All of this translates to lower risk and better outcomes with the Eva Select.

What’s so great about rounded corners?

Every digital sensor design has to balance between field of view and patient comfort. Increasing the field of view can be achieved by increasing the size of the sensor. However, while a bigger sensor generates more diagnostic information, it makes it more uncomfortable for the patient.

Having rounded corners optimizes this trade off by reducing the “patient pinch” where it hurts , yet still enhancing the overall field of view. A sensor with no rounded corners, or only two rounded corners is less comfortable for the patient than a sensor with four rounded corners.


Making sure everything will integrate the way you want

Just need a sensor that will work with you existing imaging software?  No problem.  The Eva Select sensor will work with most major imaging software systems.   

Eva Digital Intraoral Sensors

Eva Digital Intraoral Sensors

Eva Digital Intraoral Sensors

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Interested? Let us know your preferences and we would be happy to help you with the pricing and product details.

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