GoodDrs P31


GoodDrs P31

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GoodDrs P31 –3 in 1 Caries Detector, Transilluminator & FHD Intraoral Camera

Full HD 1920 X 1080p Resolution Intraoral camera

The GoodDrs P31’s FHD resolution has no equal. P31’s Auto-focus lens instantly provides sharp, crisp images from 5mm to infinity. Diagnostics and patient education will never be easier.


  1. Free Imaging Software
  2. Portable Wireless Option

Designed like a high-speed handpiece with a retraction head to help gain needed access. The lightweight all metal body is extremely durable and feels comfortable to hold. Can fit in most delivery units, or hung from a wall.

3 Modes, 1 Device

The Multifunctional P31 is designed to aid in the detection of most carious situations while treatment planning and in treatment saving time and increasing productivity. Quickly go from Fluorescence, to transilluminator, to Full HD Intraoral camera with just a click of a button. Or capture and display all 3 modes at once, side by side, with a single press of the capture button.

  • Macro to Infinity – Designed to go from an extreme close-up, out to a full-face image, and everything in between with one press of the capture button.
  • Metallic Handpiece – Shaped like a High-speed handpiece with a retraction head, the lightweight, all metal handpiece is both durable and comfortable to hold.
  • True Auto Focus & Zoom – P31 utilizes a one touch true autofocus. It also offers a push button digital zoom. Let your patients see what you do.

Liquid Lens Optics with a 5MP Processor

GoodDrs P31’s advanced proprietary technology contributes to developing the sharpest and highest-quality images.

This unrivalled technology allows clinicians to maximize their diagnostic capability. Doctor is able to-take a single image or multiple images at once depending upon the mode they choose.

  • Adjustable Brightness- The LED intensity adjustment button allows for quick brightness adjustment.(3 built in intensity levels controlling the 30 LED lights)
  • Black & White– The GoodDrs P31 also features a Black & White mode that can be helpful locating craze lines and fractures, capturing and displaying grey scale X-ray images from an X-ray view box.
  • 3 Color Impressions– With just a click, the Enhance Color Impression feature automatically improves lighting, color saturation and more! (Cool, Warm, or Original)

GoodDrs P31

GoodDrs P31

GoodDrs P31

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Interested? Let us know your preferences and we would be happy to help you with the pricing and product details.

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