Monet Laser Curing Light


Monet Laser Curing Light


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The Monet Curing Light:
Innovative Technology for Innovative Dentistry

The fastest dental curing light in the industry today, the handheld Monet curing laser is easy and convenient to use. The power of the Monet laser makes for superior bond strength and faster, deeper, and more consistent curing results from virtually any distance—in only 1 second. It’s a curing laser made by professionals for professionals.

The Monet Laser Cure is a Confident Cure

The advantage of the Monet curing laser is the confidence you’ll have in a complete cure. The Monet fully cures dental composite in just 1 second, saving you not only time, but worry.

A soft cure can leave a patient in pain and an incomplete bond can create future structural tooth damage. Nothing disrupts a practice like an unhappy patient with a broken tooth from a soft or incomplete cure.

With the Monet there’s no incomplete bonds, soft cures, or post-op sensitivity—and that means complete confidence..

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1-Second Cure is a Consistent Cure

The Monet dental curing light provides a consistent dispersion of energy and intensity at any distance, making weak spots and uneven bonding a thing of the past. Because of the first-of-it’s-kind curing speed, the result is less shrinkage than a traditional LED curing light.

The collimated beam means you can penetrate deep into composite allowing for bulk fills by just adding an extra click or two, thus decreasing the potential for soft cures or soggy bottoms. An even cure is a consistent cure.


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  1. Lens: Directs the true collimated laser light.

  2. Rotating Head: Allows access to all intraoral areas.

  3. Status Light: Indicates the status of the unit./li>

  4. Power Button: Used to activate the high-intensity laser light for 1 second.

  5. Battery Pack: Can be detached and placed in the charging stand to recharge.

  6. Charging Station: Has 2 charging bays for Monet battery packs and is a stand for the Monet device.

The Monet Laser Curing Light is the future of composite curing in dentistry.

Features & Benefits
1-Second Cure
Deep and Confident Cure
Minimal Shrinkage
No Post-Op Sensitivity
Collimated Beam
Consistent Power
Next evolution of curing from the creator of LED technology

Join the 1-second Curing Revolution

Learn about how other dentists have effectively integrated the Monet Laser Curing Light into their practices. Dr. Mike Ditolla sits down with dental professionals who have joined the 1-Second Curing Revolution.

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No Distance is Too Great for the Monet

The Monet Curing Laser does not lose power output from different distances, so you can be confident that you’ll get a complete cure every time. Distance does not effect consistency.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Features of laser light make it more efficient and accurate than LED light.

• Laser light is in a collimated beam, that is, the light beam is straight, it does not disperse or converge over distance.
• The spot size and the energy remain consistent regardless of the distance the light is from the target.
• There is consistency across the beam. There are no weak spots from dispersion nor hot spots.   

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The spot size of the Monet curing laser beam is 11mm

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The Monet laser cures virtually all composites. It has been tested with light and dark shades of the most commonly used composites and performs as well or better than the leading LED curing lights. Of course, with any curing light it is a good idea to test its performance on a small piece of the composite you will be using.

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Please refer to the curing depth chart for the different composite material brands and the 1, 2, or 3 second curing times. The Monet laser can cure composite materials of 4mm or less thickness in under 1 second cure for most composites.

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No, but this does not negatively affect Monet laser’s ability to cure.
Consider a broadband LED light which generates sufficient energy for photoinitiation of a compound in a composite or adhesive. At a given wavelength, the LED light actually produces a relatively low amount of energy, necessitating the light to be broadband to provide the energy for photoinitiation.

Lasers, by nature, emit light in a narrow bandwidth, but generate a lot of energy within that bandwidth. The laser light is absorbed by the photoinitiator, and the high level of energy compensates for the narrow bandwidth of light.

The curing test is the proof, and as we stated, the Monet laser cures the composites. 

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The same safety measures should be taken with the Monet unit as with any laser. You may not be familiar with laser safety procedures as these are not always indicated for LED curing lights. The dentist, the patient, and anyone else in the room should wear the appropriate protective glasses. The laser should not be activated until it is in the patient’s mouth over the area to be cured. When used according to the instruction manual provided with it, the Monet will provide safe and reliable results.

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The Monet curing laser showed better DC with a 1 second cure time than the average 10 to 20 second cure time that is standard with LED curing lights.

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Can the aiming beam be used for a tack cure? No in both cases. The aiming beam has a power output less than 3mW; it is not intense enough to start curing the composite or adhesive.

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This depends on the composite and its shade. With the common brands of composites tested, a full cure to a depth of 8mm can be achieved in 3 cycles of the 1-Second cure. Which can be performed by back-to-back laser curing cycles to achieve 8mm depth cure on a bulk fill. Typically, best practice is to layer 2-3mm of material and cure at a time. The Monet laser’s 1-second cure helps to shorten the total time curing when instituting this practice. It’s always a good idea to test the performance of the Monet laser or any curing light on a small piece of the composite and to err on the side of caution by placing a few thinner layers and curing each layer sequentially.

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Use 2-3mm thickness and cure for 1-second. 4mm of material and more would benefit from two or three cycles back-to-back.

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No. The battery provided with the Monet unit is carefully selected to run the laser source inside. Other batteries may not have the ability to run the Monet laser correctly, or could be overwhelmed and create a risk of damage or injury.

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No. Because the light is collimated and does not spread out over distance, the Monet laser would not cover even a portion of the arch. Using the Monet laser would be inefficient, and the intensity of light may have unintended results on the whitening product used.

Monet Laser Curing Light

Monet Laser Curing Light

Monet Laser Curing Light

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