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The PreXion3D Evolve CBCT, PAN and CEPH

A Complete Dental Imaging Solution in a Single Product

With impressive technology and innovative algorithms, our newly launched Evolve CBCT, PAN and CEPH model is prepared for high flow demands and provides a complete solution in a single product. Available in 3D or upgradable 2D, this technology is intelligent, precise and has a performance that will impress the most demanding professionals.

Why Evolve CBCT, PAN and CEPH?

The user-friendliness and image quality of PreXion 2D Evolve set it apart from competing technology. Its enhanced filters adjust images to suit your requirements, and its multislice capability allows easy navigation through 41 panoramic slices, enabling precise visualization of desired structures. Moreover, the reconstruction algorithms ensure exceptional sharpness and contrast in every scan.


Adding the CEPH arm boosts the Prexion Evolve’s diagnostic potential for cephalometric exams. Its specialized CEPH sensor creates high-quality images of hard and soft tissue with equal excellence. Collimation mechanisms and rapid scanning techniques minimize X-ray exposure.

Scan Time:

  • Standard Mode: 4.1 – 16.5s
  • Fast Mode: 2.5 – 10s

Possible Configurations:


Discover what a CBCT Scanner can make possible for your practice.

For many clinicians and practice owners, an investment in CBCT technology from PreXion can become profitable more quickly than anticipated. Use our ROI calculator tool to compare the net income from a PreXion investment to the net expenses required to finance a product.

3D Algorithms: Enhancing Your Work-Flow Efficiency and Diagnostic Accuracy

UHD Mode for Endodontics

PreXion Evolve has a resolution with isotropic Voxel of 75µm to 400µm.

Patient Motion Correction (PMC)

The PreXion Evolve algorithm automatically corrects the image imperfections caused by patient micro-movements. This ensures high exam quality, avoiding repetitions and offering greater accuracy for making diagnoses.

Metal Artefact Reduction (MAR)

The PreXion Evolve line features three processing levels that can be chosen to correct gutta-percha deformities, implants and/or full arch prosthesis and metal restorations, in addition to automatic metal reduction. This tool also allows image reprocessing, for a better diagnosis, preventing the need to generate new exposure to the patient.

2D Algorithms Harnessing Intelligent Technology to Produce Stunning Panoramic Exam Images

PreXion Evolve Smart Contrast

An innovative algorithm, working in all parts of the image, to treat and improve the contrast of each area individually. This results in a homogenous and noise-free image – allowing clear visualization of details and better diagnosis.

PreXion Evolve

PreXion Evolve software features an innovative function that delivers a final image with greater detail and definition, especially in the region of incisors and canines, TMJ and root canals.

Combination of Algorithms

The combination of algorithms allows the reconstruction of an optimized panoramic image. PreXion Evolve technology brings exceptional diagnostic quality to the most challenging cases.




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Interested? Let us know your preferences and we would be happy to help you with the pricing and product details.

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