Why Invest in a CBCT Scanner for Your Dental Office?

Why Invest in a CBCT Scanner for Your Dental Office?

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If you are exploring your options for expanding into providing comprehensive dental implant treatment for your patients, it’s likely that you are considering investing in a CBCT (cone beam) scanner. Here’s why this investment will prove to be invaluable to your practice.

What is a CBCT (Cone Beam) Scanner?

A cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) machine is used to produce 3-dimensional (3D) images that capture the patient’s bone, nerves, teeth, and soft tissues in the craniofacial region all in one single impressive image.

The machine works by rotating around the patient’s head and capturing a series of images using a cone-shaped x-ray beam. These images are combined to create an immersive and fully-detailed three-dimensional image of the examined area.

This incredible technology is essential in the accurate and successful placement of a dental implant. The resulting image provides dentists with the ability to take accurate measurements and thoroughly plan all necessary treatment; things that previously required a bit of educated guesswork with the use of traditional two-dimensional images.

Cone beam CT imaging can also be used in the following scenarios:

  • Evaluation of impacted teeth
  • Evaluation of jaw/bone structure
  • Endodontic evaluation
  • Periodontal evaluation
  • Oral surgery & pathology
  • Obstructed airways/sleep apnea

How Can My Practice Benefit from a CBCT Scanner?

Your practice can benefit infinitely from an investment in a dental CBCT scanning machine

Above all, this incredible piece of imaging equipment will provide you with images that provide extensive clarity and detail. This allows you to provide a more thorough and precise diagnosis to your patients, which in turn improves acceptance rates and overall patient satisfaction.

The three-dimensional images that are captured by the cone beam machine are a big wow factor for many patients; being able to see the examined tooth or area captured in an impressive 3D image is something that stands out to patients and allows them to physically see just how dedicated you are to providing them with top tier dental treatment.

Moreover, providing your patients with the results of their CBCT scan during their treatment plan presentation will help them better understand the treatment that they are being planned for. 

90% of all information transmitted to the brain is visual: accompanying proposed treatment with an intelligent and detailed 3D image produced by your cone beam CT scanner will help your patient feel much more like an informed and equal partner in their treatment plan. 

All Practice Solutions: Your Trusted Dental Imaging Solutions Provider

All Practice Solutions is proud to offer an impressive lineup of different CBCT scanning machines for your dental practice. Choose from the following top-tier brands:

We’re on a mission to provide dental professionals with the industry’s finest technology. For the very best in dental cone beam CT scanning technology in Chicago, trust in All Practice Solutions.

All Practice Solutions is proud to set the industry standard for comprehensive dental practice solutions. For more information about dental cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) in Illinois, check our website or give us a call anytime at 844-310-3000 for a free 15-minute consultation.

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